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Network Teaming in Windows Server 2012

November 29, 2012 1 comment

Network Teaming in Windows Server 2012

Windows server 2012 include native teaming of network adapters to provide load balancing, bandwidth aggregation and failover capabilities using standard Ethernet NICs.

Microsoft doesn’t provide native teaming on OS other than server 2012. In windows server 2012, it’s a built in feature

What are the benefits of having a NIC team?

Main benefits are Resiliency and Performance.


if any one of the network paths (or network cards) becomes disconnected or somehow fails, the remaining NICs in the team are in place to continue making sure that traffic is getting through.

Performance/bandwidth aggregation

It’s an interesting feature in my perspective. If server having 4 Ports* 1 GB , it can combine and get advantage of 4 GB bandwidth.

In normal scenario all standard server build with two NIC with 4 ports. We get only 1GB network bandwidth. By bandwidth aggregation we will combine all NIC in to one and get maximum bandwidth for NIC’s

How to setup teaming ?

Go to server Manager-Then Local Server

See the area I’ve marked in red? NIC Teaming by default is disabled. Select to Enabled ”. This brings up the below NIC Teaming window

Click On Tasks-And select New Team. That will bring up the New Team Window

I’ve named New Team, and selected two 10 GB of my NICs to become members of the team. Also, I’ve expanded the Additional Properties area to show you that you have additional options available for configuration.

Click OK, and the NIC teaming is configured ( see below)

In Network Connections window, where you’ll see all of the physical as well as team NICs.By teaming with 2*10 GB adapter I got 20 GB bandwidth on teamed adapter. It’s called bandwidth aggregation

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