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How to uninstall SCCM client Remotly

By default SCCM do not provide an uninstall feature from the console. Uninstall the client from the SCCM console is “out of the box”. But it can be archive remotely by following steps

Step 1 : Download PSEXEC tool from Here

PSEXEC tool is used to connect to the remote computer and run the command line to uninstall SCCM client.Please run this tool from where having appropriate permission to connect remote workstations

Step 2 : Navigatte the download folder and run psexec \\remote computer name cmd ( This command launches an interactive remote compouter command prompt.


Step 3 : Then just run ccmsetup.exe /uninstall after connecting PSExec to remote PC.


Ccmsetup should exist on all clients, usually under the windows folder.

Step 4 : To verify that client uninstallation has succeeded, check the log file CCMSetup.log in the folder %windir%\ccmsetup folder on the client computer

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