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SCOM – Servers Logical Disk Free Space monitoring and Alert

October 20, 2014 1 comment

One of my favorite monitor in SCOM is server logical drives free space monitoring . It’s very important of having automated server logical disk space monitoring in place.

In this post describes , how to configure Logical Disk Free Space Monitor to alert on less than 25% free space on logical drives.

Open operation Manager Console → Then Go to Authoring.

Then Click on Monitors, then click Scope. Type Logical Disk in the Look for input box, and check all three  operating systems targets . Then click OK

1 scom

Expand Windows server 2008 logical Disk as Shown below:


Then select Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk Free Space (%) Low monitor   .Then  override it for all objects of class.

2 scom

Evaluate the default settings for the following parameters and compare them against your business needs.
Thresholds are  split into to types of drives; System and non-System.System type drives host the operating system. Non-System type drives are all other drives.

Please follow the below image and apply the adjustments to monitor and alert windows 2008 logical disks ( Apply same for windows 2003 & 2012 monitors ).Do not use default Management Pack.

3 scom

Now you can use Operations Console to proactively monitor free disk space. Checking this state view once per day will be a part of the daily routine .See below example.


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