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Hyper-V guest failover cluster- Provisioning Shared Virtual Disk

This post describes how to create shared volume disk for virtual servers. Using shared disk feature easily can implement virtual server’s cluster known as guest cluster. Virtual hard disk allows to share same disk between multiple virtual machines and this ideal solution when host SQL 2012/2014 cluster in virtual servers.

Note: SQL 2012 and earlier version doesn’t support cluster shared volume (CSV) disks.

Virtualization Platform: Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster using Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

Step 1  :  Go to first guest Virtual machine from failover cluster manager.

Step 2: Add new VHDX virtual Hard Disk with desired size in the host CSV shared Disk

Example: C:\ClusterStorage\VolumeX, where C:\ represents the system drive, and X represents the desired CSV volume number.

Step 3: In the virtual machine settings, under SCSI Controller, expand the hard drive that you created in the previous procedure.

Click Advanced Features.

In the details pane, select the Enable virtual hard disk sharing check box.



Step 4: Go to the Second Guest virtual server and add the same VHDX files you created on the first Guest virtual server and share them also like in previous steps

Step 5: Login to first guest virtual server and then go to disk management

Step 6: Initialize the Bring the disk online, partition and format the drive with NTFS


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