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What are the Netbackup Logs & how to enbale them ?

April 16, 2014 1 comment

Its require to analyze logs in order to determine root cause of most if backup/restore issues especially the hardware related problems such drive, media..etc.

This post mainly describes important types of Netbackup logs and will see here how to enable them .

By default, log files are placed in the \veritas\netbackup\logs directory on a NetBackup server. To enable logging on any of the NetBackup processes, a directory must be created in the \veritas\netbackup\logs directory on the NetBackup server

bptm overview and how to collect?:

The bptm process handles interactions with the tape device. bptm logs to be enbled in order to collect backup media issues

Go to the media server, and create a folder named bptm under \veritas\netbackup\logs\

On the Netbackup console, go to Host properties – Media server.

Open the affected media server properties.

Click on logging.

Increase the verbosity on bptm log to 5.
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