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Migrate Pass-Through Disk storage attached hyper- v virtual machines

September 6, 2015 Leave a comment

Cause :

Pass through Disk attached Hyper-V virtual machine may not start and you receive a “‘Failed to Power on with Error ‘General access denied error’ (0x80070005)”.

Pass disk 3

Scenario :

Pass through disk  attached  hyper-v VM’s is failed to start when change storage systems or migrate to new host/cluster.

Resolution :

The above error is receive  when reattach pass through GUI from failover manager settings or Hyper-V manager. So need to add the disk using PowerShell with elevated permission.

Command syntax : Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName VMName -ControllerType SCSI -ControllerNumber 0 -DiskNumber 1 -AllowUnverifiedPaths -Passthru


Replace ‘VMName’ with your affected virtual machine. Get disk Number and controller number from disk management or failover cluster manager.

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