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Hyper-V host Server Memory Sizing

March 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Last week , I do a quick research on how to size memory ( RAM ) for the hyper v host .There is no real documentation about what should you reserve for an Hyper-V Host because it totally depends what you are running on it.

Here is a blog which talks about windows 2008 R2 hyper v host. But you can use this formula as approach

In summary, Hyper-V host memory can be sized based on following formula.

384MB + 30MB per 1GB of physical memory on the host machine.

At the end I am calculating it for my LAB Server which has 256 GB RAM memory:

(384MB + 30MB* 256 )= 8064 . So can reserve 8 GB memory for the host which has 256 GB

But again it’s just an approach to size hyper v host and you need to monitor your servers because this count differs based on the scenarios

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