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View MSS group policy settings in a Domain controller GPMC

October 5, 2013 5 comments

View MSS group policy settings in a Domain controller GPO

By default MSS settings are not visible in Group policy(GPO).MSS settings is used to hardening the DC’S .The MSS settings normally to be exist in Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options.

MSS settings can be view using LocalGPO Tool (LGT) tool.The LocalGPO Tool (LGT) tool is available in the SCM package( Microsoft Security Compliance Manager)

Please follow below steps to available ‘MSS’ settings in your domain controller or any other GPO’s

Step 1: Download the Microsoft security Compliance Manager and install it on member of or any windows 7 workstations

Download Link: < >

Step 2: Then navigate to SCCM installation directory ( c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Compliance Manager\LGPO ) and copy LocalGPO.msi to domain controller

Step 3 : Then run the LocalGPO.msi

Step 4 : After the Local GPO is installed, find the path of file . Such as C:Program Files (x86)LocalGPO

Step 5 : Configure Security Configuration Editor to display MSS setting in your DC .

a. Run the command-line as an administrator

b. Enter the path of file GPO by command CD C:\Program Files (x86)\LocalGPO
then run the below command

Cscript LocalGPO.wsf /ConfigSCE

Please check the success or failure by reference the following screenshot.

Now MSS settings is visible under Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsLocal PoliciesSecurity Options.

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