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Moving SharePoint 2007 SQL database from one to another drive on same server

May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve moved SharePoint 2007 database from ‘C’ drive to another due to low space on ‘C’ drive. The process is straightforward and pretty simple.
Here are the steps to move all content databases to another drive.
1- Stop IIS on SharePoint Server
2- Stop the SharePoint services
3- From SQL Server Studio Management, right click on the SharePoint database and select “Detach”
4-There are number of database related to SharePoint. All databases are ‘Detach’ one by one from SQL studio management.
4- Copy the .mdl and .ldf files to the new location. After Copied delete files from existing location
5- Attach the database from the new location to SQL Server from the studio management
6-Start IIS & SharePoint Service.
7-Verified Database and Site is working

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